Film Review of 2015 – Introduction

So back with another review of the year in film. As with previous years, I have sorted all the films I have seen this year into 5 categories – Drama, Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi and Horror. This helps to compare like with like and avoids putting films like Magic Mike XXL against films like Selma when judging their relative merits. The cream of these lists will then be skimmed off the top to make up my Top Ten of the year. I’ve seen 116 films so far this year and I’m sure that will go up before the end of the year (and these lists will be updated). Re-releases don’t count (So no Back to the Future) and all of these films were released in 2015 according to Launching Films so any films released last year but seen this year also haven’t been counted. All except a handful were seen in the cinema, which is the only place to watch and judge a good film.

This method can often lead to some unbalances, both with the number of films per category and the strength of all the films on the list. There is no bell curve and this year has been another incredibly strong year for films. So just because a film is near the bottom of the list it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad film. I have however moved to a 5 star rating:
Green – Fantastic. This is what film should be about. Either technically perfect, or more likely just very, very entertaining.
Blue – Very good. Enjoyable and impressive but just short of being fantastic, which is often a result of my nitpicking.
Yellow – Good. Most films will fall into this category. Nothing wrong with the films in here and this is where you can find many films which are cheesy fun.
Brown – Mediocre. Pretty average and nothing distinguishing about it, but at least it’s competently made. Probably quite forgettable.
Red – Avoid. There is so much wrong with these films. Shouldn’t have seen the light of day (or the inside of a movie theatre).

As with all top ten of the year lists, this list is totally subjective. Films are ranked in order and can rank higher just for being totally enjoyable, or lower for being reprehensible (American Sniper) despite the technical quality of the film making.