Film Review of 2015 – Sci-Fi

Ahh Sci-Fi and fantasy. My Achilles heel and a good place to fit those films that don’t quite fit elsewhere. Another strong year with several of this years blockbusters continuing to blow me away on many repeated viewings. Despite it’s flaws Jurassic World was the biggest surprise for me as despite not looking forward to it and thinking the trailers dull, it was just so entertaining I ended up going back again and again.

Another film I wasn’t looking forward to was the follow up to The Avengers. The trailers looked dull and uninspired, like Marvel were finally running out of ideas. And on first viewing I wasn’t that taken with it. But I put that down to being too tired for the midnight showing and repeated showings have shown lots of depths, heart and loud exciting action. As usual the 3D on Marvel films is also top notch here.

The Good Dinosaur was a late entry and turned out to be be best Pixar film of the year. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you different.

Ex Machina was a great surprise and the start of the year but shouldn’t have been as Alex Garland wrote Sunshine, one of my favourites. It was also great to see Dohmnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac together before their other starring hit of the year.

Star Wars is back and despite fears it was too late to make my Top Ten of the year list it turned out not to trouble. Tremendous fun but incredibly flawed film where the bad parts come close to over shadowing all the good. Yet the pure nostalgia factor puts it on top of the rest.

Most overlooked film of the year goes to the Maze Runner sequel The Scorched Trials. Not a film I think many were looking forward to, it managed to put both Insurgent and The Hunger Games to shame.

Talking of shame, two franchises were hopefully put out of their misery by the shambles that were Terminator: Genisys and Fantastic Four. Josh Trank’s rapid plunge from indie prodigy to Alan Smithee rival was only beaten by Neil Blombkamp’s fall from grace with the lamentable Chappie.

The Martian
Jurassic World
The Good Dinosaur
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Song of the Sea
Ex Machina
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Into The Woods
Big Hero 6
The Last Witch Hunter
Project Almanac
The Tale of Princess Kaguya
Seventh Son
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
Terminator Genisys
Jupiter Ascending
Fantastic 4

FantasticVery GoodGoodMediocreAvoid