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  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Initial Thoughts

    In a nutshell: – This is not your children’s Star Wars movie.

    Overall impression is that this is the film that original Star Wars fans wanted after the complaints that the prequels are too were too kiddy, ignoring the fact that the originals were for kids too. I’m not sure how suitable this film will be for kids either. But that’s not a bad thing. There is room in the universe for both, and it’s not as grimdark as some of the DC superhero films.

    – The start didn’t feel Star Warsy due to lack of fanfare and crawl. That immediately put me on the defensive.
    – The captions – Not needed in a Star Wars film and again lost the feel.
    – I didn’t feel for most of the characters, especially Diego Luna’s character. That could have been tiredness though.
    – Jyn’s speech at the council seemed out of character.
    – I found Peter Cushing’s appearance quite jarring and unnerving. Something not quite right. I think it was the mouths.
    – Too many cameos which could easily have been cut.

    – Good to see the Star Wars universe explored a bit more deeply. Felt like a lived in universe and not a toy commercial.
    – Interesting to see them investigate Force sensitive characters. Gets away from the midichlorian crap.
    – Certainly the least flawed of the films.
    – Alan Tudyk is wonderful as K-S20 and is actually funny.
    – Don’t know what their actual names are are but I liked the TIE-Wings.
    – They didn’t duck out of the ending.
    – They made Darth Vader cool again with the last battle.

    Long term prospects – I’m not sure how often I would watch it again. It’s a bit too serious for a fun afternoon viewing.

  • Film Review of 2015 – Action

    In what is being overlooked for upcoming awards, Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario is an astounding piece of film making that had me holding my breath and on the edge of my seat throughout. Kingsman was the spy thriller to beat with all the other spy films languishing in the just passable section. What is most shocking about this is Mad Max: Fury Road being so low down. While it is a very enjoyable movie I did find it a little bit too over the top to totally enjoy it. Hitman: Agent 47 surprised me as the most improved film in a series. American Ultra is probably the most underrated and ignored gem in this group.

    Kingsman: The Secret Service
    John Wick
    Mad Max: Fury Road
    American Ultra
    Furious 7
    Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
    Big Game
    San Andreas
    Hitman: Agent 47
    Spooks: The Greater Good
    The Man from UNCLE
    Run All Night
    The Gunman

    FantasticVery GoodGoodMediocreAvoid

  • Film Review of 2015 – Horror

    It’s been a pretty good year for horror films in 2015. From Guillermo Del Toro’s gorgeous love letter to the old Gothic Romances to the plethora of found footage films that shows that sub-genre is far from (un)dead. Krampus was a throwback to films like Gremlins, with great practical FX by WETA as Michael Dougherty does for Christmas what his Trick ‘r Treat did for Halloween. It Follows was a timeless indie flick which, like The Babadook last year, understandably wowed the critics although left me slightly wanting. The same can be said for A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

    Crimson Peak
    The Gift
    The Voices
    It Follows
    Victor Frankenstein
    Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
    Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
    Insidious 3
    Knock Knock
    The Gallows
    Sinister 2
    The Visit

  • Top 10 Films of 2014

    1. Under The Skin
    2. Stranger by the Lake
    3. Guardians of the Galaxy
    4. Wolf Of Wall Street, The
    5. Men, Women and Children
    6. The Lego Movie
    7. Godzilla
    8. Gone Girl
    9. The Guest
    10. The Dallas Buyers Club

      And the worst film of 2014:

    Muppets Most Wanted

  • Film Review of 2014 – Drama

    A year late but I might as well post this out before starting on my films of 2015. Maybe this time I won’t try and encapsulate each film.

    Under The Skin

    Stranger by the Lake

    Wolf Of Wall Street, The

    Men, Women and Children

    Gone Girl

    The Dallas Buyers Club

    12 Years A Slave


    Only Lovers Left Alive


    Nymphomaniac, Volume 1
    Nymphomaniac, Volume 2

    Mr Turner

    Starred Up

    We Are The Best

    The Drop

    The Wind Rises

    A Most Wanted Man

    A Walk Among The Tombstones

    Fruitvale Station


    The Judge

    The Imitation Game

    Labor Day


    Inside Llewyn Davis



    God’s Pocket

    The Two Faces of January

    August: Osage County

    Before I Go to Sleep

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    I had a bit more to say about this as well…

    • Hollywood have hit a new low with trailers. Not only included final shot but most was from third movie.
    • The film was about ten minutes too long, with a coda that did nothing for film, except set up the next film.
    • Not that the film was that good. Written by committee. Pacing was off and it didn’t really care about any character. Unoriginal.
    • The sound design was quite good though.
    • Dear Hollywood. Please quit it with throwing and flipping cars. It’s really getting quite boring now.
    • After seeing Amazing Spiderman 2 can we just cancel the thought of any sequel now.
    • Dane DeHaan has a voice I want to punch.

  • Bums on Seats Podcast – 12th April 2014

    This week’s show features four men who find themselves in impossible situations. Jesse Eisenberg struggles with a more charismatic doppelgänger in The Double whilst punchdrunk policeman Rama goes up against the whole Jakarta underworld in The Raid 2: Berandal. Meanwhile Brendon Gleeson has a crisis of faith in Calvary and Russell Crowe’s has his faith test by the watery apocalypse of Noah. Plus we’ll have an interview with Nigerian born film director Biyi Bandele, whose adaptation of the best selling Half A Yellow Sun opens at the Arts Picturehouse this weekend.

    Toby Miller is host, alongside regular reviewers Sarah McIntosh, Simon West, Stef Smith and Owen Baker