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  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Initial Thoughts

    In a nutshell: – This is not your children’s Star Wars movie.

    Overall impression is that this is the film that original Star Wars fans wanted after the complaints that the prequels are too were too kiddy, ignoring the fact that the originals were for kids too. I’m not sure how suitable this film will be for kids either. But that’s not a bad thing. There is room in the universe for both, and it’s not as grimdark as some of the DC superhero films.

    – The start didn’t feel Star Warsy due to lack of fanfare and crawl. That immediately put me on the defensive.
    – The captions – Not needed in a Star Wars film and again lost the feel.
    – I didn’t feel for most of the characters, especially Diego Luna’s character. That could have been tiredness though.
    – Jyn’s speech at the council seemed out of character.
    – I found Peter Cushing’s appearance quite jarring and unnerving. Something not quite right. I think it was the mouths.
    – Too many cameos which could easily have been cut.

    – Good to see the Star Wars universe explored a bit more deeply. Felt like a lived in universe and not a toy commercial.
    – Interesting to see them investigate Force sensitive characters. Gets away from the midichlorian crap.
    – Certainly the least flawed of the films.
    – Alan Tudyk is wonderful as K-S20 and is actually funny.
    – Don’t know what their actual names are are but I liked the TIE-Wings.
    – They didn’t duck out of the ending.
    – They made Darth Vader cool again with the last battle.

    Long term prospects – I’m not sure how often I would watch it again. It’s a bit too serious for a fun afternoon viewing.